Teritorijas uzkopšana


Mūsu telpu, teritorijas un ražotņu uzkopšanas kompānija ir lieliska izvēle Jūsu tīrīšanas servisa nodrošināšanai!

Saviem klientiem nodrošinām pilnu uzkopšanas un tīrīšanas servisu:
-Ikdienas uzkopšana
-Vienreizējā tīrīšana
-Ģenerālā tīrīšana
-Biroju uzkopšana
-Dzīvokļu, māju uzkopšana
-Ražotņu uzkopšana
-Teritoriju uzkopšana

Office cleaning


Megapols offers a wide range of professional cleaning services of offices, shopping centers, factories, apartments, private homes, etc.

We are proud of our experienced and professional  employees, guaranteeing perfect quality cleaning!



Treatment against viruses and unhealthy microbes 
  The treatment of a house or flat against viruses and harmful microbes takes from 30 to 60 minutes, depending on area of your house or flat. 
  Special preparation of the house or apartment for the treatment is not necessary. 
  At the time of disinfection, the specialist will carefully treat the entire area of your apartment or house, exterminating microbes causing infection, inter alia hepatitis, flu and HIV viruses.
  After treatment it is necessary to wait, at least three (3) hours, before washing off the preperations. After that you can safely clean rooms.
  All preperations we are using are harmless to humans and animals.



Extermination of insects (cockroaches, fleas, ants, etc.)
  Extermination of cockroaches, fleas and other insects takes from 25 to 50 minutes, depending on the size of the treatment area of your house or flat. 
  All chemicals used are odorless and harmless to humans and their pets. 
  We recommend that the house or apartment is prepared for treatment following our professional's advise. After treatment it's adviseable to leave the house or apartment for 2-3 hours. Our company guarantees efficiency of our offered services.
  Our disinfectors can arrive at any time that is most convenient to you (for example, before or after your working hours). 



Rat and mice combat  is made considering Medical office and Food and Veterinary Service normative documentation and regulations for given labour.